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To the Teacher

Teaching young people the Bible is one of the greatest privileges and most challenging tasks in God's Kingdom. On the success of your work, humanly speaking, depends the Christian development of numbers of young men and women.

Are you registered? In Victoria, to be a teacher in a school, you must be registered with a government agency. To be a teacher in God's Kingdom, you must also be registered - this time by a much higher authority. Before you begin teaching, ask yourself whether you are registered in the Lamb's Book of Life. Do you know the Gospel taught in these studies?

Each teacher needs to have full agreement with the material, representing as it does the accepted teaching of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria. Where you find yourself in disagreement, or perhaps find the material hard to understand, you are requested to discuss this with your minister.

Teaching the Bible is a spiritual work, a mental work and a caring work. To teach successfully we need to love God and his word, understand the Bible and love the students. This will lead us to teach with conviction and joy and with good results. May God bless you as you pursue this great work.