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A Few Teaching Tips

  • Memory Verses: just saying these together two or three times may be as much as you can do in class. Some churches print the memory verses in the congregational bulletin, so parents can encourage their children to learn them.
  • Helping shy students: try to avoid pressuring the shy student to read or answer against their wishes. Talking to the student encouragingly in private, or asking parents for help may be part of the answer. This is usually a situation that changes only slowly - so be patient.
  • Students who ‘know it all’: there's one in most classes!Take the student aside after class and appeal to the need for everyone to have a fair go - please don't always answer the questions because other students need to be able to think about them! If appeal doesn't work, try getting a parent's help. But the situation needs to be dealt with or a whole year's teaching can have the edge taken off it for everyone.

Further Reading and Reference Books

These books will be helpful to teachers using Year A:

  • Douglas J. W. Milne, The Westminster Confession for the 21st Century, PCA CENC
  • Noel Weeks, Gateway to the Old Testament, Banner of Truth
  • Graham Goldsworthy, Gospel and Kingdom, Paternoster
  • James M. Boice, Foundations of the Christian Faith, InterVarsity Press
  • Ronald S Wallace, The Bible Speaks Today series, Daniel, InterVarsity Press