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Series Plan

The series will eventually cover all secondary years. Each year is designed to be flexible in its use. Studies are titled Year A and Year B because this avoids labeling with school grade levels which may prejudice some students. You can use the studies at any level you judge suitable for your students. But they have been written with the following plan in mind.


Term Topics

1. God's Massive Plan

  • God creates the world
  • The good life in the garden
  • Sin and Death
  • The flood and the tower of Babel
  • The Covenant
  • Blood on the doorposts
  • God sets the standard
  • The people of God living in the promised land
  • A King for Israel
  • Meeting God in the Temple

2. Seeing God's Plan Fulfilled
3. Secrets of the God who Talks
4. The God who Rules


Term Topics

1. How the Lord Jesus saves His people
2. God's spirit in us
3. Being a Disciple
4. Christians in the Church and the world


Term Topics

1. His Truth is Marching on
2. Christ's Church and Sacraments
3. Christian Assurance

  • Bring right with God - justification by faith
  • God's adopted children
  • Learning we are forgiven - Dealing with guilt and shame
  • Living as forgiven people - the fruits of being forgiven
  • Faith - really believing the promises
  • If I'm a Christian, why do I continue to sin?
  • Can a true Christian "fall away"?
  • When I feel I'm not a Christian
  • How to grow in assurance
  • What an assured Christian is like.

4. Loving the Lord and Keeping His Commands


Term Topics

1. The Christian and the Lord: union with Christ
2. The Christian and the Lord: tough questions for a tough world
3. Loving the Lord and Keeping His Commands
4. The End is Near

Because church youth groups vary so much, you can be flexible in the use of these studies. However, you will get the best from the lessons if they are taught in the order of the series, A through D.

The series begins in Year A with a rapid survey of the Bible's plan in the Old and New Testaments. This takes about half of Year A. It is designed to help students form their miscellaneous knowledge of Bible stories into a sense of God's unfolding plan through the Bible. It serves as a helpful bridge from the primary years to secondary level understanding. Older students who lack this knowledge will also benefit from these lessons. After the Bible survey, Year A then follows the topics of the Westminster Confession, which is the Presbyterian Church's doctrinal statement. This plan is followed in sequence more or less with the topics of the Confession, through to Year D.

Current relevance is critical to young students and every effort has been made to present these great teachings in a way that will come across as fresh and related to life. Particular emphasis has been given to the need for young people to understand the Gospel, to find Christian assurance based on Christ's work for them and to grapple with the ethical issues that confront them.