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How to Use This Series

1. the format of each session

  • Each lesson plan includes the student worksheet plus teacher's notes.
  • Each lesson gives the main idea to be taught and includes Scripture memory of key verses, prayer, Scripture reading, explanation for students, with discussion questions and activities.

2. how to prepare a lesson

  • Proper preparation needs an evening or 2-3 hours. Preparation is best done a few days ahead, to give you time to think and pray about the lesson.
  • Pray, because without the Lord's help we teachers can do nothing!
  • Read the Scripture passages before you read the lesson plan.
  • Fix the main ideas/aims clearly in your mind as you go through the lesson.
  • Tell the lesson story, including re-capping on past lessons if that's appropriate. Telling is always better than reading lesson notes. it's easy with a little practice!
  • You can involve the students in the story, perhaps through the questions, or through getting the students' comments so you can build on these.
  • You can use visual aids, drama or other lessons helps, but remember these must not become the dominant feature in your lesson, because activity can become counter-productive and actually block out the importance of the main aim. Some weeks, no aids will be needed.